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Home remedies
cartographer wrote in modernwisdom
Antihistamines make mosquito bites less itchy. Maybe everyone else in the world knew that already, but it was news to me pretty recently.

Ice can kill a coldsore if you get it early.

If you can't remember which stings are acidic and which are alkaline, an alliterative mnemonic is "Breadsoda for bees; vinegar for vasps".

Anyone else got home remedies?

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I don't know if this counts as a remedy, but my mom told me that when my stomach hurts I should lie down on my left side (where the stomach is) and I would feel better, and I always do!

Also, lemon juice helps treat dry ashy skin on elbows and knees. After juicing a lemon for something I swipe the rind and remaining pulp on my elbows to exfoliate them.

My mum says you should take ginger in warm milk for stomach upsets. I have no idea if that works, because who ever has fresh milk in the house? (Hint: not Tanya).

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