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Never blog about your place of employment
efassor wrote in modernwisdom
By all means blog about the work you do as long as it is legal for you to do so and not a horrendous breach of contract (minor breaches of contract are generally overlooked). But never blog about your colleagues, remunerative packages, employers, or specifc working environment. General observations about say, finance or software companies are ok, specific mentions of why you would like to re-arrange the cubicles in order not to smell coffee in the mornings or to avoid the view of your manager's ass-crack not so much.

There have been multiple incidents in recent years of people being fired from their jobs due to highly publicized or particularly popular blogs. While this is extremely rare it does happen, and even the smallest negative mention of a workplace can trigger the overreaction from a company.  Even if 90% of what you write about is completely unrelated to your workplace, if tipped off to the fact that you have a personal blog that has ever portrayed your company in a negative light, your employer will find the other 10. Or more likely their lawyers/HR assholes will.

This will almost certainly never happen. But why not make it an absolute certainty? Never blog about your place of employment. You will eventually say something incriminating, and there are far more fun ways to get fired :)

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I've thought about what would happen if the LJ staff were ordered to give information about some slander someone made under a friendslock. I wonder if it's ever happened.

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