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Home remedies
cartographer wrote in modernwisdom
Antihistamines make mosquito bites less itchy. Maybe everyone else in the world knew that already, but it was news to me pretty recently.

Ice can kill a coldsore if you get it early.

If you can't remember which stings are acidic and which are alkaline, an alliterative mnemonic is "Breadsoda for bees; vinegar for vasps".

Anyone else got home remedies?

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Bicarbonate of soda is the substance of the gods. Add some to water: cystitis cure. Make it into a paste: clean yer choppers/jewellery (not pearls though, I think) clean yer cooker. Add it to flour and milk, bread! Add it to a bath, pox relief. Oh, might be worth a shot with insect bites as well... Brilliant stuff, wouldn't be without it.

Honey's really good for cleaning out wounds. Mix a bit with some (boiled, cooled/sterile) water and bob's yer proverbial. And of course it's fabulous for sore throats.

Bananas for cramps. Or mush one up, mix in some yoghurt and oatmeal and there you go, face mask!

Orgasm for period pain. Cheaper than paracetamol.

Guinness for being a bit run down, full of iron and BVits. Or at least that's my excuse.

I eat Marmite on toast when I'm feeling run down. Not as fun as Guinness, but people don't look at you oddly for consuming it in the morning.

Orgasms work pretty well for headaches and hangovers too. Or at least I always feel better after one, self-induced or otherwise :)

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